Sunday, 30 October 2011

Internet business growing fast

In the whole world people are becomes aware about business because of education.there are many educational instiutes which makes a student a business man.i interviewed a student and i ask him a question what is business he replied business is to make money but he was wrong at that time after two years i asked him the same question he answared these days people thought that internet becomes the easiest way to buying and all types of communication.people buy the goods from internet and they can withdraw their amount in the home so it would become the easy way but some people use the internet but they are not aware about internet bussiness.i think seven teen persent people from india are using internet banking account but they do not use it for usefull activities.a person can buy all things from internet then way we go to shop about two or three cm s.every shopkeeper should have their website and he can advertise his products in google adward.he can spred his bussiness all over the world or he can sell his goods in amazone website.there are thousands of websites which sell their products online example microsoft lanched a hardware firstly theymake it avalable in their website and then they publish that in market.if a person have two computers and want to sell it he can sell it at many internet marketing would become strongest activity for a modern man.

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